Benefits of the SugarControl trademark

The SugarControl trademark is part of a global awareness raising campaign aiming at informing consumers on the health-related risks of sugar overconsumption and at training children and teenagers to adopt healthier diets with lower daily sugar intake. The SugarControl trademark indeed benefits different consumer groups, but also Food Business Industries in many ways.


Benefits of SugarControl for Food Business Industries

  • Provide a harmonized label in EU Member States based on EC nutrition and health claims;

  • Comply with the priorities set by the EU platform for action on diet, physical activity and health (European Commission, DG Santé);

  • Answer a growing demand from consumers for sugar-conscious products and healthy diet;

  • Obtain a certification from an independent NGO to improve consumer’s trust;

  • Improve consumer’s loyalty;

  • Provide a positive brand image for complying to reduce sugar;

  • Answer a consumer’s need for clear front packaging information;

  • Offer competitiveness next to similar products (“Reduced Sugars” label).

  • Be part of a global awareness raising campaign related to excessive sugar consumption and promoting the SugarControl


Benefits of SugarControl for Consumers

  • Offer clear, direct and accurate information;

  • Create trust in the brand and in the SugarControl trademark thanks to an NGO certification;

  • Identify suitable products for consumers with specific diets (ex: diabetics);

  • Propose attractive products for consumers willing to reduce their sugar consumption;

  • Simplify label literacy for consumers who are not familiar with nutritional claims and labels;

  • Offer healthier products without changing its taste.