Who we are


SAFE – Safe Food Advocacy Europe was created with the aim of ensuring that consumer’s health and concerns remain at the core of the EU’s food legislation. SAFE is currently the only Brussels-based NGO specialised in the protection and representation of EU consumers in the food sector. 

SAFE strives to ensure safer food standards for consumers by monitoring the EU food legislation process and cooperating with EU stakeholders to draft comprehensive food regulations.  SAFE notably supports the development of policies and awareness-raising actions which jointly address health, environment, food safety and sustainability, all-the-while being involved in several EU-funded projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the food sector, increasing sustainability and promoting healthier food environments for consumers. 


Strengthening the voice of civil society in the EU debate over food regulation, thereby reinforcing participatory democracy in the EU.

Protecting consumers by advocating for better regulation in food and health policy, by advocating for safer food standards, sounder food production methods and more fit-for-purpose food donation rules.

Increasing public awareness of food safety issues, by organising training activities allowing citizens to make informed consumption choices (e.g. children-destined workshops on sugar overconsumption and food labelling) or by striving to improve the transparency of information available on food products. 

Helping fight climate change and protect the environment by raising awareness on the interconnection that exists between food and the environment and promoting sustainable consumption habits and agricultural practices. 


SAFE is honoured to count amongst its members a wide array of high-level stakeholders, ranging from consumer organisations, vegan and vegetarian associations, to research centers and universities. SAFE currently has over 30 members located in over 14 European countries. 

SAFE is also involved in many European networks as: 

  • An official stakeholder of EFSA – European Food Safety Authority and a member of several of its discussion groups
  • A board member of the EU Food Policy Coalition
  • European Climate Pact Ambassador under the European Climate Pact –  an appointment which comes as a recognition of SAFE’s work in the fight against climate change through its actions in the area of food safety.