Unión de Consumidores de Galicia

11 May 2023


Unión de Consumidores de Galicia, is a generalist consumer organization that has carried out its work in the Autonomous Community of Galicia in Spain since 1988. In its different categories, the Unión de Consumidores de Galicia currently has more than 4,000 members.

The organization’s main lines of activity focus on three areas. The first of them, the defense of the consumer through procedures of both extrajudicial and judicial nature aimed at defending the interests and rights of its associates and consumers in general, especially those that affect their economic interests, health and safety.

The second area of ​​work is the dissemination of consumer rights through the implementation of activities of a diverse nature, from workshops and talks to larger events such as conferences or congresses. Dissemination activities of a formative and informative nature are especially aimed at groups of vulnerable people.

The third scope of action focuses on the representation of consumers and users in their territorial scope of action. In relation to this matter, the Unión de Consumidores de Galicia forms part of a large number of organizations and entities of a consultative nature: Economic and Social Council of Galicia. Council of Consumers and Users, Transport, Economy and Competitiveness, Regional Development, Tourism, Housing, Dairy Sector, Prices, Commerce, Consumer and Transport Arbitration Courts, etc.

Unión de Consumidores de Galicia