The Vegetarian Society of Denmark

09 May 2023


The Vegetarian Society of Denmark was founded by Danish doctors in 1896.

Our vision is a more sustainable, ethical and healthy world, that is better for animals, people and the planet.

Our mission is to inform and inspire people, particularly professionals, to pave the way for a structural change of our food system towards more plant-based foods.

We believe that every plant-based meal makes a difference. We are an association for anyone wishing to support a more plant-based world – whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or just believe we should eat more plants.

We have more than doubled our memberships since 2016 and currently (2022) has approximately 4,000 members and recurring donors. We also collaborate with a large number of organizations, businesses, research institutions and decision-makers, both in Denmark and globally.

The Vegetarian Society of Denmark