U.Di.Con. – Consumers Defense Union

19 December 2022


U.Di.Con. – Consumers Defense Union – was founded in 2008 with the main purpose of protecting consumers and users of both private and public services.

We believe every citizen, regardless of their economic or social status, has the right to be given support and fair access to disputes for household, financial, e-commerce, tourism, food quality and environmental issues.

Since the beginning we have carried out the safeguard of consumers’ rights – regardless of their social and economic status -, the integration of the physically-challenged and the protection of the minors and elderly. Moreover, we are committed in fostering recognition for public-wide problems such as bullism, gambling addiction, food waste, sustainable and green economy. We firmly believe citizen rights’ awareness can pave the way to a better society.

Driven by the spirit of initiative and attention, we run the monthly-issued UdicoNews, a magazine which collects the latest news and in-depth articles concerning what’s hot in the consumers world; furthermore, from 2018 we issue Capitan Udicon, the comic featuring the eponymous hero whose mission is to educate kids on the dangers of the modern world, from drug addiction to internet safety

U.Di.Con. – Consumers Defense Union