Consumers United/Consumatorii Uniți Association

21 November 2022


Consumers United/Consumatorii Uniți Association is a Romanian NGO created in 2019 by consumers for consumers in order to defend and promote consumer rights, both domestically and internationally. The Consumers United Association is an NGO with Romanian legal personality without patrimonial scope or political purpose.

Since its establishment, Consumers United has been carrying out consumer education activities through the dissemination of information, publication of articles in the mass media, participation in round tables and workshops at national and international level in order to increase consumer awareness and education.

The association provides advice and support to consumer’s rights in front of traders and competent authorities for consumer protection. The belief of the organization is that all consumers have the right to access safe and quality goods and services, to obtain clear information about the products and services they purchase, and when things do not go well, consumers must be treated correctly by traders. These elements, together with consumer protection laws and regulations, enable consumers to make the best choices based on their interests and ensure that they are not abused or misled by traders, companies or corporations.

Consumers United/Consumatorii Uniți Association