Recent call to reform the pesticides evaluation system.

17 March 2022

In a recent video, MEP Eric Andrieu, points out the shortcomings in the current pesticide evaluation system. Highlighting that the current situation induces a great health risk, whether for farmers or the final consumer who ends up ingesting these pesticides, Andrieu notably underlines:

  • The questionable reliability of toxicity assessment.
  • The fact that EFSA does not analyse the active molecule that manufacturers declare and which is only one of the components of the final pesticide, thus missing a potential cocktail effect.

Andrieu goes on to presenting a recent civil society initiative. Indeed, 15 associations have recently filed a petition with the endorsement of the European Parliament to ask for a reform of the evaluation system, and also ask that current pesticides be re-evaluated with more transparency. The petition, led by Secrets Toxiques, is available at this link: