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Un Emballage, Plusieurs Usages!

04 May 2018

SAFE has designed a pilot project regarding food-packaging waste in urban areas targeting European cities. With the goal of increasing citizens’ awareness and promoting the use of reusable food packaging, we have launched the campaign ‘Un emballage, Plusieurs Usages‘ (FR) / ‘Curb Pastic, Curb Waste‘ (EN) / ‘Bedwing Plastic, Bedwing Afval‘ (NL) in Brussels. SAFE has gathered consumers and shopkeepers together in a dynamic network where signle-use packaging is reduced.

Listen to a podcast (FR) presenting the campaign here. We are also on Facebook!

Concretely, several shopkeepers from the urban area of Brussels promote the use of reusable food and drink packaging by making new and stylish ‘SAFE’ packaging available to their clients. Customers also receive a discount each time they use a ‘SAFE’ food packaging in the network. This initiative is supported by the LIFE programme and Bruxelles Environnement.

SAFE developed a number of tools (in FR/NL) to help shops reduce their Single-Use Packaging consumption. If you are a shopkeeper and want to reduce your food packaging impact, you can download…

You can also discover the very interesting guidelines that Bruxelles Environnement published on their website (available in both French and Dutch) for shopkeepers willing to implement Zero Waste projects.

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