The trans fatty acids (“TFA”) are a particular type of unsaturated fatty acids which are naturally present in animal fat. Industrially produced TFAs are partially hydrogenated oils used in processed foods. Industrially produced TFAs are the ones posing a threat to our health: a consumption of 5 grams per day increases the risk of coronary heart diseases by 23%. Coronary heart diseases are the principal cause of death in the European Union, with more than 660.000 deaths per year. 

SAFE constantly follows and encourages regulatory developments or initiatives aimed at reducing the consumption of trans fatty acids by consumers, such as the Commission’s Regulation to limit the maximum amount of industrially produced TFA placed in food to 2 grams per 100 grams of fat or the implementation of a compulsory industrially produced TFA limit to be complied with by all industries wishing to place their food products on the EU market.

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