About Food4Inclusion Project

1 in 4 Europeans suffers from at least one form of poverty and 43 million Europeans cannot afford a quality meal every second day.

Current crises are leading many countries to face growing levels of severe food insecurity. With global poverty on the rise and inequalities exacerbated, notably by the COVID-19 pandemic, vulnerable households with reduced incomes across Europe are considered as primary victims. They are not able to cope with such surging retail prices and that leads to a reduction in the quality and quantity of the food purchased.
Disadvantaged groups should be able to access affordable and quality food. SAFE ‘s Food4Inclusion Project strives to make healthy diets accessible through ground projects such as food redistribution or healthy accessible meals in restaurants for people in need. SAFE is also advocating for better affordability of food products across Europe and for the social inclusion of at-risk and disadvantaged population groups.
The Food4Inclusion Project aims to generate a positive impact on European citizens, especially disadvantaged ones, by providing independent information, developing relevant training, and encouraging the adoption of a new legislation that will lead to a more inclusive food system.

These objectives participate to put into practice EU action plans like the European Pillar of Social Rights, including the Pillar 1 on Education training and life-long learning and the Pillar 11 on Childcare and support to children.

Main activities of the Food4Inclusion Project:


From 01 January 2022