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19 June 2022
Occhio ai cibi «naturali» con additivi di laboratorio

13 June 2022
Sicurezza alimentare, italiana Cimmarusti nel consiglio Efsa

12 June 2022
Naturale o sintetico, se la Commissione europea confonde i consumatori
il Salvagente

8 June 2022
Calls for clearer definition of ‘natural’ for EU food products

20 May 2022
Etichette ingannevoli: quali sono gli slogan sulle confezioni a cui fare maggiore attenzione
il fatto alimentare

18 March 2022
Commission likely to push for recycled PET in food packaging despite concerns

3 March 2022
Call for harmonised EU botanicals identification and risk assessment system
Agra Facts

3 March 2022
Acrylamide alert raised after ‘alarming’ levels found in children’s food

23 February 2022
Acrilammide nei cibi, servono limiti severi e controlli efficaci. Le istanze di SAFE

23 February 2022
Consumatori Ue, limiti più stretti sull’acrilamide negli alimenti

21 February 2022
Una plataforma de venta directa para poner coto al desperdicio alimentario

18 February 2022
‘Know your botanicals’ in Euractiv’s Agrifood Brief

3 February 2022
Safety concerns build over botanicals’ use in food: ‘There is no harmonised approach for their labelling and assessment’

22 December 2021
Happy Hours Market collabore avec SAFE

21 December 2021
Soutien européen contre le gaspi alimentaire pour Happy Hours Market

8 December 2021
Safety vs. sovereignty: Stakeholders split over increasing imports of ‘cleaner’ phosphates

10 October 2021
Biossido di titanio bandito in Europa dal 2022

21 August 2021
Europe Advances Farm to Fork Strategy with New Sustainability Code of Conduct
Food Tank

15 July 2021
Want to bring a Permaculture Module to your University

30 June 2021
Pro Morning Agri and Food: What’s in the CAP? — Agri market makeover — Food quality hurdles

27 May 2021
Nutrinform vs Nutriscore, Cimmarusti: Nutriscore non rivela sostenibilità cibo e presenza edulcoranti artificiali

11 May 2021
Biossido di titanio (E171): per l’Efsa non è sicuro negli alimenti, possibili rischi di genotossicità
Osservatorio VeganOK

7 May 2021
Biossido di titanio, verso il bando totale dell’additivo alimentare
il Salvagente

6 May 2021
Biossido di titanio: è un colorante alimentare genotossico, presto lo stop di Bruxelles
il Fatto Alimentare

7 May 2021
EFSA: il colorante bianco biossido di titanio è cancerogeno
Great Italian Food Trade

7 May 2021
Commission to propose ban on ‘unsafe’ food additive linked with cancer risk

29 April 2021
Eurodeputados voltam a insistir na definição do uso do termo ‘natural’ em produtos alimentares

24 March 2021
New report reiterates there is no East-West divide in food quality

17 February 2021
Defining ‘natural’ in food: Commission pressed to fill ‘considerable gap’ in labelling framework
Food Navigator

4 February 2021
EFSA to add its flavour to nutrition labelling debate

2 January 2021
Newsletter: “Naturale” in etichetta; Galline in gabbia; Poco sale ma iodato…
Il Fatto Alimentare

16 December 2020
Special Edition: The drive for natural ingredients and the future of clean label
Food Navigator

11 December 2020
“Naturale”: è la parola che troviamo su tantissime etichette ma che non vuol dire niente
il Fatto Alimentare

7 December 2020
Agrifood Brief: (You make me feel like) a natural product

1 December 2020
What does ‘100% natural’ mean? EU urged to impose definition for food products
Food Navigator

26 November 2020
Claim ‘naturale’ in etichetta. Petizione contro gli inganni

22 November 2020
Cibo 100% naturale? L’inganno è servito
il Salvagente

19 November 2020
Call for EU definition of ‘natural’ for use in claims and labelling
EU Food Law

10 September 2020
Anti-E171 group claims small battle in long war
Food Navigator

14 April 2020
Commission confirms new schedule for Farm to Fork strategy

26 February 2020
NGOs want EU Farm to Fork strategy to tackle overconsumption of meat, dairy and eggs
IEG Policy

18 February 2020
EHPM EP Event – Food supplements: For healthier citizens and a stronger economy in the EU
IEG Policy

17 December 2019
MEPs call for EU ban on titanium dioxide

9 December 2019
Campaigners write to new Commissioner urging EU titanium dioxide (E171) ban

1 November 2019
Nueva petición a la Comisión Europea para que se prohíba el dióxido de titanio (E171)

31 October 2019
Over 73,000 sign petition backing French titanium dioxide ban

31 October 2019
Anti-E171 campaigners call for independent and clear research

25 October 2019
Biossido di titanio, la petizione di Safe: vietare l’additivo potenzialmente cancerogeno

20 October 2019
Biossido di titanio: al via la petizione di Safe per mettere al bando il controverso additivo

14 October 2019
POLITICO EU influence

24 September 2019
SAFE: firmate la petizione per la rimozione del colorante E171

15 September 2019
Biossido di titanio, l’Ue si pronuncia sul divieto francese: cercherà ancora di proteggere l’additivo?

23 July 2019
EFSA extends deadline for sugars opinion due to volume of data

17 July 2019
New European Commission president faces calls for all-encompassing EU food policy

15 July 2019
EU’s Diet Platform slated by NGOs

10 July 2019
EU Obesity Platform under fire for rejecting award-winning NGO

6 May 2019
Banning Titanium Dioxide? Lobby groups urge Commission to prohibit E171

6 May 2019
European Commission urged to ban E171: ‘Prevention is better than cure’

30 April 2019
VeganOK TG News: Standard Vegan Europeo

30 April 2019
Aider les petits commerces à bannir le plastique

12 March 2019
“Un Emballage, Plusieurs Usages” – Interview de BXFM

February 2019
Freego, le tout nouveau frigo solidaire et anti-gaspillage d’Etterbeek


13 December 2018
La plastica riciclata è sicura per l’imballaggio alimentare?

23 November 2018
NGOs slam Commission plans to leave out harvest losses from food waste definition

20 September 2018
Consumer health NGO raises concerns over recycled plastic FCMs

3 September 2018
Is recycled plastic safe for food packaging? EU seems to think so

3 September 2018
Food safety activist: ‘There will always be a risk’ with recycled plastics

4 July 2018
Formulare una politica alimentare comune: SAFE al “Food & Farming Forum

18 April 2018
Landmark new EU food waste laws voted through

27 February 2018
MEP in bid to outlaw ‘free from’ labels

12 February 2018
Country of origin food labelling to be voluntary, but not always

9 February 2018
SAFE slams dual origin labelling regulation

6 February 2018
Indicazione di origine, Safe denuncia: “La Ue vuole cancellare l’obbligo”

16 January 2018
Report finds acrylamide in Italian chips

12 January 2018
‘Alarming’ acrylamide levels in Italian crisps, strengthen calls for mandatory limits

12 January 2018
Call for mandatory acrylamide limits after “alarming” levels found in Italian crisps

12 January 2018
Companies set to miss EU acrylamide targets

12 January 2018
Press release from SAFE – Too much acrylamide in chips?

11 January 2018
EFSA consults on approach to free sugars assessment


26 September 2017
SAFE urges MEPs to back acrylamide law, reject veto

26 September 2017
Food safety advocates speak out as MEP attacks acrylamide regulation

10 September 2017
VeganFest 2017: lo spettacolo continua!

6 September 2017
Manufacturers to withdraw soft drinks from EU schools from 2018

7 July 2017
New sugar content label unveiled by campaign group

30 June 2017
SAFE launches SugarControl nutrition claim label

20 June 2017
‘Traffic light’ food labels gain momentum across Europe

19-23 June 2017
Special Report- Regulating consumers?

14 June 2017
Acrilammide, la UE riduce le dosi ma non fissa limiti di legge

May 2017
SAFE Sugar Label

31 March 2017
Civil society steps into the fight rising obesity

31 March 2017
Involving NGOs and consumer groups in the expert panels of EFSA

31 March 2017
NGO pleaded with Health Commissioner to include legal limits for acrylamide in food

31 March 2017
SAFE is working on a commercial video

24 March 2017
Andriukaitis defends better regulation brake on legislation

24 March 2017
Commissioner slams child adverts for sugary products

24 March 2017
EFSA to advise on added sugar intake

24 March 2017
Commission: Technology will make farming more transparent to consumers

22 March 2017
Acrylamide law set for june vote

21 March 2017
Commission seeks to advance with binding acrylamide targets

21 March 2017
Ensuring Safe and Healthy Food for All Consumers – Annual Conference of Safe Food Advocacy Europe – Brussels – 21 march 2017

3 March 2017
La Lorenzin si arrende: “Non verrà prorogato l’uso del glifosato”

2 March 2017
Italy will issue no more waivers on POE-tallowamine pesticides

24 February 2017
MEPS demand EU vegan and vegetarian labelling rules

24 February 2017
Nestlé pledges 18,000-tonne sugar cut in Europe by 2020

14 February 2017
20 EU countries continue to sell banned pesticide additive

14 February 2017
SAFEfoodadvocacy has welcomed the European Commission’s announcement

14 February 2017
Italy urged to follow through with ban on glyphosate co-formulant

10 February 2017
Acrilammide ora la Ue non esclude limiti di legge per patatine e corn flakes

10 February 2017
Warning acrylamide law will be “counterproductive”

10 February 2017
SAFE e Pan Italia diffidano la Lorenzin: “Stop alla proroga sul glifosato”

8 February 2017
Commission to set binding acrylamide limit on RTE foods


23 November 2016
Acrilamide, così l’industria alimentare non vuole limiti 

22 November 2016
Warning draft acrylamide law on dodgy legal ground

22 November 2016
NGOs: Commission’s acrylamide regulation has ‘wrong’ legal basis

21 November 2016
Food activists say legal flaw could scupper acrylamide bill

21 November 2016
Critics hammer Commission’s draft acrylamide regulation 

17 November 2016
Taking care of your health? Contributing to international initiatives

10 November 2016
Slow Food address EU Commissioner over meat promotion

10 November 2016
Acrylamide proposals strengthened in new draft

8 November 2016
Commission pushes vote on acrylamide safety into 2017

19 October 2016
Acrylamide: la Belgique demande plus de sévérité

14 October 2016
Sign the petition to reduce acrylamide in our food

28 September 2016
Food activists attack new EU rules on cancer-causing chemical

23 September 2016
NGOs fury over Commission draft proposals on acrylamide

20 September 2016
European Commission wants to delegate acrylamide control to food industry