Permaculture is a holistic approach recreating the complexity of an ecosystem while removing motorization from crops and gathering several plant varieties with complementary properties in the smallest possible area. Permaculture reduces the pressure of farming activities on lands and increases fertility, reinforcing sustainability in farming and food production, eliminating chemical input to recreate biodiversity and reducing fossil fuels.

The overall objective of SAFE’s action is to increase the knowledge and use of the permaculture approach in order to contribute to the development of a more environmentally and climate-friendly agricultural system.

As regards advocacy, SAFE is actively building a network of associations active in the field of permaculture, to coordinate and elaborate a common lobbying strategy at EU level. As regards awareness-raising, SAFE has organised, in collaboration with local partners, Open House Days in permaculture farms in four EU countries. During these events, farmers gather to be trained on permaculture farming and consumers get to see real, functioning permaculture structures.

SAFE Awareness-Raising Campaign in the field of Sustainable Agriculture (2018-2019)

Orange: 2018 – Blue: 2019
These events were supported by the LIFE programme of the European Commission.