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In the European Green Deal, the Commission presented a strategy aiming at transforming the EU into a resource-efficient and sustainable society by 2050. One of the main initiatives of the Deal is the Farm to Fork strategy which will also support enforcement of rules on misleading information.

The current Commission’s ambitions well reflect the rising consumers demand for more sustainable food accompanied by clearer labelling standards. Ensuring correct labelling is a key step to help consumers to opt for more sustainable options.

The report below shows the problem of the misleading use of the term “natural” on the final products, together with the lack of labelling information about the origin of the ingredients contained in food (whether it is from synthetic or natural origin).

We conducted an analysis of the current legal gaps in the EU legal framework, accompanied by an Annex section showing cases of misuse of the term “natural”. It is important for consumers what “natural” means when associated with food products, as the lack of a clear definition of the term often do not correlate with consumers’ expectation.

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