Iodised Salt

Iodised salt is a type of salt fortified with iodine. It is worth pointing out that some of iodine’s most popular forms can both be hazardous for patients under certain types of medications therefore posing health risks such as hypothyroidism, and can interact with chlorinated drinking water leading to the formation of iodoacetic acids (a toxic compound).

SAFE considers essential that details of the composition of iodised salt remain mandatory on the labels of processed foods in order to protect consumers from the potential hazardous effects of iodised ingredients. It is crucial that food labels provide clear, visible and detailed information on the sources of iodine, as European consumers should be able to make informed choices about the composition of iodised salt in order for them to be protected from the risks of adverse health effects associated with certain types of iodine. Furthermore, SAFE believes that iodised salt should not be exempted from the mandatory nutritional declaration for consumers to know the level of sodium in their salt to be able to pick healthier alternatives. It is essential that European consumers know the level of iodine concentration in their table salt. Iodine content levels should be clearly expressed and easily detectable on the label for consumers to prevent iodine-related disorders.

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