Hazardous chemicals, 35 new substances added to the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation

30 August 2023

EU exporters will need to inform authorities about their plans to export 35 additional dangerous chemicals, following an amendment to the EU Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation. Starting November 1, 2023, the new requirements will be in effect, ECHA says.

The European Commission has expanded PIC Annex I, detailing the chemicals mandating export notice and explicit approval from the importing nation. The revised Annex I of PIC added 35 additional chemicals, encompassing 27 pesticides and eight industrial chemicals, now totaling 295 entries.

Apart from the export notice, most of these substances will necessitate explicit approval from the destination country prior to export. Additionally, four chemicals previously only requiring an export notification will now demand explicit consent. The ePIC IT tool has been updated accordingly, enabling companies to begin notifying their export activities.

The PIC Regulation oversees the international trade of specific hazardous chemicals, which are banned or heavily restricted within the EU. It imposes obligations on companies seeking to export these chemicals to non-EU nations or import them into the EU.