Food Waste

Food waste is a vast environmental and climate issue: it globally amounts to the vain occupation of 30% of the world’s arable land, ranks as third CO2 top emitter after the USA and China and has a significant blue water footprint.

SAFE intends to tackle this issue at EU level with a prime focus on urban communities. At EU level, through advocacy aimed at securing a proper measurement methodology for food waste. In urban communities, SAFE will launch an awareness raising campaign aimed at promoting more responsible food consumption patterns by reducing waste and increasing redistribution.

SAFE’s campaign against Food Waste “One Man’s Waste Is Another Man’s Treasure” started in the City of Brussels in 2018, with a pilot project designed to ensure a long-lasting and sustainable food surplus redistribution in the city. The project regroups local shops and restaurants in a common network where unsold food is centralized and then redistributed on a weekly-basis to charity associations in Ixelles.



SAFE’s Food Surplus Redistribution Campaign 2018