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Food4Inclusion Webinar – 5 December 2022

17 November 2022

On 5th December 2022, SAFE will be hosting the Webinar “Eating Habits, Mindset and Opportunities. Perspectives on food inclusion and accessibility.”

On 5th December 2022, SAFE hosted the Webinar “Eating Habits, Mindset and Opportunities. Perspectives on food inclusion and accessibility.”


One in four Europeans suffers from at least one form of poverty, and 43 million Europeans cannot afford a quality meal every second day. The Covid-19 crisis has led many countries to face growing levels of severe food insecurity, with the Agricultural Commodity Price Index reaching a peak since 2013. With global poverty on the rise and inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic, vulnerable households with reduced incomes have been considered the primary victims of this crisis. This often led to a reduction in quality and quantity of the food purchased. Sometimes the problem even affects households from the middle class, which globally increased from 1.8 billion to 3.5 billion people and is expected to grow and reach 5.3 billion by 2030.

The objectives of combating poverty, promoting social inclusion and reducing inequalities included in the European Pillars of Social Rights are transversal issues guiding many of SAFE’s actions. For SAFE, there is a current and developing need to enable the disadvantaged groups to access affordable and quality food.

During the meeting, panellists will discuss reports and studies coming from different EU institutions, including JRC, Universities, and national institutes.

The aim of the webinar is:

– to analyse the relationship between access to food and social conditions;

– to deal with the correlation between nutritional problems and the type of food that disadvantaged people can afford;

– to provide an analysis of data showing poverty is increasing;

– to deep dive into the problem of access to healthy food from a psychological perspective.

This conference will be moderated by SAFE (Safe Food Advocacy Europe)
10.00Welcome & Opening remarks
Floriana Cimmarusti, Secretary General, SAFE
10.15 Poverty and mindset: the impact of poverty and exclusion on life prospectio
Laura Cassio, Senior expert JRC – European Commission)
10.40Socio-economic barriers for the access to healthy foods and provide healthy diets
Laura Rossi, CREA (National Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics) Nutrition Researcher and Scientific Responsible for the National Observatory on Italian Food Waste
11.00Disadvantaged areas and diets: a psychological perspective
Emanuela Paone, Psychologist and Psychotherapist La Sapienza Rome University- Polo Pontino
11.20Q&A and roundtable
Luigi Tozzi, Deputy Director, SAFE
11.50Closing remarks
Floriana Cimmarusti, Secretary General, SAFE

Replay from the webinar are available below: