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“Better Information for European Consumers on Food Safety” Conference 2016

09 June 2016

On June 9th, 2016, SAFE held a conference entitled “Better Information for European consumers on Food Safety”. The in-person event, held at Mundo-B in Brussels, aimed at discussing food information and the importance it has in fostering healthy food choices in consumers. 

The conference notably tackled  food labelling and E number, sugar intake and risks of sugar overconsumption, and meat intake based on the basis of WHO recommendations.  

Speakers included:

  • Kathrin Wendel (Nutritionist and psychologist)
  • Kawther Hashem (Registered nutritionist)
  • Elodie d’Halluweyn (Manager of Végétik and expert in plant-based diets)

The conference was attended by members of the Belgian Ministry of Children and Education, DG SANTE, MOVE and ECFIN heads of units, medical professionals, civil society policy officers as well as students.