EU agri-food trade bounced back in May

25 August 2023

After the EU agri-food trade slowed down in April, it bounced back with an increase of both imports and exports in May, the European Commission says in its latest monthly agri-food trade report. The higher increase in exports compared to imports allowed the EU agri-food surplus to increase by 2% month-on-month in May, reaching €5.2 billion.

EU agri-food exports climbed by 8% month-on-month in May 2023, reaching €19.4 billion, the same amount as in May 2022. Exports from January to May 2023 totalled €95.7 billion overall, up 8% from the corresponding period in 2022.

The top three destinations for EU agri-food exports between January and May were the United Kingdom, the United States and China. The top three origin countries for EU agri-food imports between January and May were Brazil, the United Kingdom and Ukraine.