Towards its food waste reduction objective, SAFE has become a partner of Equoevento in Belgium.

Equoevento is a non-profit organization founded in Rome in 2014 with the objective of promoting solidarity and sustainability in the sectors of event management, catering and food industry by tackling poverty and avoiding food waste, in the interest of people in economic need.

This aim is pursued mainly through a service that saves food and beverages in excess from the venue of events (weddings, conferences, sport events, etc.), then donates it to charitable canteens, shelters, homeless houses and similar associations.

The meals are distributed to people facing poverty or in difficult economic conditions. Equoevento is the first organization in Europe trying to solve the problem of food waste produced at events and in four years of activity has already donated about 200,000 meals to charitable shelters, feeding over 50,000 people in need.

Equoevento is active in Italy (Rome, Milan, Turin and Lecce), in Spain (Madrid) and France (Paris). Collection of food under the Equoevento logo will soon begin in the city of Brussels and in Belgium, with SAFE as its partner.

The action of Equoevento Onlus is dedicated primarily to collect surplus food whilst fostering the uptake of responsible and ethic behaviors by the food industry. Given the increase in poverty and the growth in the number of people who are turning to charitable shelters every day, Equoevento operates to redistribute the food surplus produced for big events in full compliance with health and hygiene standards, ensuring sustainability, resource efficiency and – most importantly – more hot meals on the tables of those in need.

SAFE & Equoevento suggest a more equitable use of food, sensitizing the public on the value of food, too easily labeled as waste. The team has developed a strong relationship with major industries connected with food, such as hotels, caterers, event organizers and supermarkets.

See our campaign leaflet here (in FR).