TYPE of Membership

SAFE has two different types of membership:

⇒ Organisations:

  • Organisations involved in promoting consumer protection independent from the agro food Industry and its lobby.


  • Experts, independent from the agro food industry;
  • Research centres and Universities.

BENEFITS of Membership

The benefits for SAFE members are the following:


SAFE members are getting involved in SAFE’s advocacy activities. Our team is in close contact with all key persons involved in the EU legislation process, including Members of the European Parliament, officials of the European Commission, officials of the Permanent Representations of the Member States, etc… Transparency is crucial in SAFE’s advocacy strategy and our position papers will be distributed into the right hands. Members are informed about each meeting and are able to directly contribute to drafting SAFE’s position papers. The main objective of SAFE is to influence the European legislator in favour of consumers. EU food legislation needs to improve for the health of Europe’s consumers.

Positions shared by SAFE may or may not represent the diversity of opinions with our membership. Whenever possible, consensus is reached to ensure maximum endorsement of our positions.


SAFE members are regularly informed about latest activities in the food legislation sector. SAFE members receive a bimonthly regular internal e-newsletter.


The SAFE secretariat will support members to get access to their national decision makers in the European Parliament.


  • to contribute directly to the work of SAFE by taking part in working groups, meetings, etc.
  • to be part of the organization of seminars, training in Brussels and in different EU Member State for consumers concerning reading food labels (the meanings of E650 or E450), additives, colors, pesticides and GMO. Raising awareness of the food system industry and all damage to consumer health and to the environment.
  • to be part of a new network of reputable scientists whose voices have been silenced by the agro food industry. Organizing seminars with those scientists and publishing their researches on our website. One of the objective of SAFE is to create a network with all those scientists worldwide.


SAFE will apply for several EU funds, more information will be given only to members during SAFE meetings.