Open letter urges WHO to take action on industrial animal farming

Margaret Chan, the Director-General of WHO, spoke at last year’s World Health Assembly (WHA) to call for action from the international community on three “slow motion disasters” that she expected would soon “reach a tipping point where the harm done is irreversible.”1 These issues are climate change, antibiotic resistance, and the rise of non-communicable diseases. […]

Study: Reducing meat and dairy consumption required to meet climate goals

Europeans need to eat less beef and consume less dairy products in order to reach the EU’s climate goals, according to a new study by Swedish researchers. Deep cuts in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agricultural production will be required in the EU if member states are to meet the 2 °C climate target set by […]

SAFE Vegan and Vegetarian Working Group: new EU legislation for European consumers

SAFE – EUROPEAN VEGAN AND VEGETARIAN WORKING GROUP: While the number of people declaring themselves vegan or vegetarians continues to rise across the European Union, the related legislative framework remains unclear and allows for misleading information on labels to confuse consumers. Along with national vegan and vegetarian associations, as well as some members of the […]