Food Traceability in the EU

Food traceability is the ability to track any food, feed, or substance destined for consumption through all stages of the supply chain. Within the EU, there is increasing demand from consumers, businesses and institutions to have more transparent, direct access to information about where and how food is produced, processed, packed, transported and distributed. Food traceability is crucial to ensure that food products are safe for consumers to eat to prevent contaminated food from reaching consumers, and to enable targeted withdrawals of products (thus minimising waste and disruption to trade).

SAFE pushes for a stronger consideration of the consumer perspective, emphasising the right to an informed choice regarding the provenance of food and feed. For instance, SAFE is advocating for the application of new technologies such as Blockchain (system of digitised, decentralised ledgers, which cuts the time for checking the provenance of food from days or weeks to just a few seconds), which could have positive implications in terms of accountability, environmental impact, public health, nutrition, and economics. Blockchain could also certainly prove a powerful tool for food-business operators in the EU to take a significant step towards increased accountability and a more sustainable future.

SAFE will continue to advocate for increased accountability and safer food, ensuring that the EU legislative framework provides the best possible basis for more sustainable, transparent practices within the agrifood sector. 

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