Common Agricultural Policy Reform

25 November 2022

The new CAP wants to have its reform based on 9 objectives, in order to ensure access to high-quality food and strong support the European farming model. These are:

  • to ensure a fair income to farmers;
  • to increase competitiveness;
  • to rebalance the power in the food chain;
  • climate change action;
  • environmental care;
  • to preserve landscapes and biodiversity;
  • to support generational renewal;
  • vibrant rural areas;
  • to protect food and health quality.

The CAP specific objectives should unambiguously guide the transition towards a truly sustainable European food and agricultural system and clearly signal the direction that Member States’ CAP strategic plans need to take.

Despite SAFE’s mission has its focus on the last goal, all objectives should be set up on the basis of a long-term perspective, focusing on initiating a transition of the agricultural sector towards a truly sustainable food system and account for all possible trade-offs on both our society and on third countries.

As the actual CAP’s indicators does not ensure that individual national priorities are aligned with EU priorities, we defend that Member States (MSs) should define targets that reflect actual progress on the ground. These should be set up in relation with existing European laws and commitments on health, environmental, animal welfare and social issue.

Moreover, it must cover compliance with all relevant articles of EU environmental and public health protection laws, animal health and welfare laws, and address workers’ rights. In this regard, it must be effective in reducing environmental damage, pesticide dependency, animal distress and ensure social fairness. Another important concern is the lack of enforcement. The next CAP must therefore ensure the implementation of deterring penalty systems.  

The European Parliament must also strengthen the partnership principle. Stakeholder consultation must be legally binding, with clear minimum standards set at EU level. To ensure the involvement of the correct competent authorities, the designation of ‘relevant bodies’ should be linked to specific objectives. Annexes of strategic plans should be part of the overall approval system and responses to the consultation and opinion from monitoring committees should be publicly available. 

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