Daily archives: 5 October 2020

Bayer GMO gets EC approval

The European Commission worringly authorised a genetically modified soybean for food and feed, but not cultivation, on 28 September 2020. This soybean, the XtendFlex, was approved after a scientific assessment by the European Food Safety Authority. The soybean, produced by biotechnology company Bayer, has been developed to confer tolerance to three major herbicides: dicamba, glufosinate-ammonium […]

EU Court of Justice states that mandatory origin labelling for food is allowed only if ‘justified’

In a ruling on 1 October, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) stated that the EU harmonised framework for food labelling “does not preclude member states from adopting measures providing for additional mandatory particulars regarding the origin or provenance.” However the ECJ added that those national measures need to be justified on one or several […]