Any independent consumer protection organisation can become a member of SAFE. Members should be free from any conflict of interest based on financial and political dependencies.

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Action on Sugar
United Kingdom


Action on Sugar is a group of specialists concerned with sugar and its effects on health. It is successfully working to reach a consensus with the food industry and Government over the harmful effects of a high sugar diet, and bring about a reduction in the amount of sugar in processed foods.

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Adiconsum is a consumer organization with over 140,000 members formed in 1987 on the initiative of the CISL. It is present throughout the national territory with local, provincial and regional offices where its leaders and its operators render individual and collective protection for consumers and their families.



Associazione Vegani Italiani Onlus


The Italian Vegan Association is a non-profit organization, our mission is to make veganism an easily-adopted and widely-recognised approach to reducing animal and human suffering and environmental damage. We do so through a nonviolent approach and through open and factual dialogue with others vegan, humanitarian and environment organizations.


Association Végétarienne de France


The Vegetarian Association of France runs various actions to promote the vegetarian diet in France. They help everyday vegetarians and people who choose to reduce their meat consumption.


Associazione Vegetariana Italiana


In 1952 under the impulse of Aldo Capitini, teacher of Moral Philosophy at the University of Perugia, the first organisation, the Società Vegetariana (Vegetarian Society), was set up. Moving from the belief that human nourishment cannot be based on the death of other living beings, Aldo Capitini started to reflect upon vegetarianism as a choice consequential to his non-violent engagement. The name changed in 1970 to Associazione Vegetariana Italiana, but the evolution continued, getting in every respect in the European and worldwide vegetarian movement.

ITA_Associazione Vegetariana Italiana


Djurens Rätt


Djurens Rätt (Animal Rights Sweden) is the leading animal rights organisation in Scandinavia, with a membership of about 35 000. The organisation was founded in 1882 with the mission to end painful animal experiments. Since the 1970’s, Djurens Rätt is also working on other issues, especially farm animals, fur farming and animal friendly consumer guidance. Djurens Rätt is an animal rights organisation opposed to all experiments, procedures, production methods and other uses of animals that cause them pain, suffering and distress.



Fondazione Allineare Sanità & Salute


The studies centre Fondazione Allineare Sanità & Salute was founded in 2013 with the aim at providing research support, knowledge and strategies to healthcare systems in order to overcome the conflict of interest in the field of Health which involves a growing number of stakeholders.
It carries out activities of biomedical research, information and vocational training for doctors and other health professionals through communication tools of scientific content, and for citizens and patients through cards of scientific divulgation aimed at promoting cost-effective healthcare with generic and equivalent medicines for a better lifestyle.


Il Test Salvagente


Il Test Salvagente is a monthly Italian newspaper that offers comparative tests to consumers, based on the work of agencies and independent laboratories. It’s a tool that isn’t part of any consumer association but is open to all. It’s a source of comparative tests that communicates on most of the market companies.



The Vegan Society
United Kingdom


The Vegan Society is a registered charity for education in veganism and plant-based solutions for the benefit of humans, non-humans and the planet. They strive to make vegan living straightforward, and a widely recognised way to end exploitation of non-human animals, and reduce exploitation of humans and our environment.

The Vegan Society is the first and oldest vegan organisation in the world, co-founded in the UK in 1944 by a group of six including Donald Watson and Elsie Shrigley. These six people coined the term, ‘vegan’ … and so a movement was born. The Vegan Society lobbies policy-makers on plant-based and vegan-friendly policy solutions, conducts research and gives media interviews, supports individual vegans and advises professionals such as doctors, teachers and chefs on how to properly provide vegan-friendly services. The Vegan Trademark team there work to provide clearly labelled registered products and encourage businesses to offer a better range of vegan-friendly options.

UK_The Vegan Society


The Vegan Society of Ireland


The Vegan Society of Ireland has been actively promoting Veganism and Animal Rights in Ireland since 2009. Vegan Ireland is a nonprofit and voluntary organisation.

IRE_The Vegan Society of Ireland


The Vegan Society of Luxembourg


The Vegan Society Luxembourg (VSL) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2010. The mission of the VSL is to promote veganism by distributing information, planning events such as conferences, cooking classes and discussions. The VSL is very successful in hosting an annual vegan brunch, which attracts more than 600 visitors. The cooperation with other like-minded groups is also an important part of the society.

LUX_The Vegan Society of Luxembourg





VeganOK is part of an innovative ethical project conceived and strongly wanted by the Italian group NRG30 Srl. It is characterized and supported in ethical communication by the ten-year experience of, by the first Italian web-dictionary of Eco-Cosmetics,, as well as by and which are the most followed networks of ethical vegan cooking. Furthermore, since 2011 the certification VeganOK is supported and promoted by that is the biggest vegan event in Europe.






The main objective of Végétik is informing and educate people about the effects of animal protein consumption. We have four areas of information: environmental impacts, health issues, conditions of animal welfare & distribution of resources.



The Netherlands


Voedingsunie is an independent association that acts as an advocate for consumers. Through constant dialog with our members, supporters and others involved we can create a powerful sound. In doing so we can enter into a discussion with the Dutch government about tighter legislation and we can put important issues on the political agenda. This leads to more honest and transparent information about food production and content, which will help consumers make better dietary choices.







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